Airport Changes

Be Prepared For Airport Changes...

Post September 11, 2001 Airport Changes Produce Delays For Most Travelers

October 15, 2001

Changes in security, airport staff, airline staff and travel processes have swept through the nation's airports.

Many airlines are recommending that you arrive three to four hours prior to your flight departure time -- even longer for international flights. Many of our clients are finding this to be a little bit of an over-kill, HOWEVER, some are not.

Rather than get to the airport and be delayed getting from the curb to your seat in the plane to the point where you miss your flight, we suggest you plan to arrive early. It just depends on the passenger load in the airports as to what delays you may run into in your travel.

In addition to the time delays, you will find greater restrictions on carry-on luggage. The standards for carry-on's seem to be a moving target, so we suggest you call your airline to review the current conditions just prior to your flight.

You may want to rethink what you carry with you on trips. For instance, instead of taking a laptop to complete work while flying, you may find a Palm Pilot or Pocket PC with a keyboard easier to fit into the new carry-on's. Handheld computing tools will also boot faster when being reviewed by security staff -- making your path from curb to plane seat faster. You can even FedEX items ahead to arrive at your destination the day you arrive -- avoiding possibly damaging baggage handling processes.

Finally, many airlines are rescheduling flights. They aren't very good at notifying ticket holders, so you should call a few days in advance to review the status of your scheduled flight. If your flight changes - either the time or the flight number -- please call us as soon as possible at (410) 451-3030 Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.

We are committed to make this change in travel process as easy as we can for you!