Frequently Asked Questions

"What’s the difference between Coach and Courier and Uber, or Lyft?"

  1. Coach & Courier provides relational transportation services, meaning we know our customers and our customers know us. It’s a trust thing. We live in the communities we serve. We offer our passengers the front seat. Uber and Lyft are transactional, a short-term relationship between them and their customers, most of the time less than 20 minutes.

  2. Coach & Courier is not an on-demand transportation provider.

  3. Unlike Uber and Lyft, Coach & Courier drivers are not independent contractors. They are fully-insured employees of the company. This means that each driver is accountable to company management and has been vetted by the Maryland Public Service Commission, to include criminal background checks performed by the Criminal Justice Investigation Service. In addition, our employee’s driving records are reviewed annually by our insurance provider to ensure that they are not at-risk drivers. All drivers are legal citizens of the United States. None of our drivers are sitting in a parking lot waiting for someone to call for a ride.

"Isn't it cheaper to park at the airport?"

If the length of your trip is of short duration then the answer is definitely, yes. What our customers generally take into consideration, other than the convenience that our service provides, is the value it offers related to personal security, time management, and personal vehicle expenses.

"Is Coach and Courier more dependable than Uber and Lyft, or a local taxi?"

This is what separates us from our competition: Coach and Courier employees are active members within the community and we hold ourselves to a higher level of accountability than one might expect from a transportation service. We don’t want to have to avoid you at the grocery store.

"What do I do if my flight is delayed?"

Nothing. Coach and Courier will monitor all commercial flights and still plan on arriving at the airport to greet you as scheduled after your flight’s actual arrival.

"Do I have to pay surcharges if my flight is delayed and arrives after 11:00 p.m. or if it’s snowing upon my arrival? After all, it's not my fault the flight is late or that it is snowing."

Unfortunately, in order to ensure reliable service under those conditions, the answer to both is, yes. Coach and Courier cannot be financially responsible for the integrity of airline operations or changes in the weather. Either of these events would result in us incurring additional labor costs, which we simply pass on to the customer. There is no profit to the company.

"What do I do if I miss my connection or my flight is cancelled?"

In the event that your flight plans change or you miss your connection, please notify Coach and Courier as soon as possible via the CONTACT tab on the HOME page of our website: Coach and Courier cannot be financially responsible for the integrity of airline operations or changes in the weather. This would result in you being charged a no-show fee. However, we will not dispatch a driver for flights that are known to be cancelled. You will not incur a no-show fee if your flight is cancelled and verified as such.

"Where do I meet Coach and Courier at the airport after my flight arrives?"

Unless otherwise directed, your scheduled Coach and Courier vehicle/driver will meet you on the outer curb across from your airline’s baggage claim area.

"Does Coach and Courier provide service 24 hours a day?"

We do, but by reservation only. Reservations can be made at your convenience, 24 hours a day, via the “Make a Reservation” link on the header of our website: