About Us

COACH & COURIER is family-owned since 1995. We’re also a family of veterans.

We are not an “on-demand” transportation provider. However, we will make every effort to accommodate last minute requests for transportation.

Unlike ride-share services, all of our drivers are fully-insured employees of the company. They are not independent contractors. This means that each driver is accountable to company management and has been vetted by the Maryland Public Service Commission, to include criminal background checks performed by the Criminal Justice Investigation Service. In addition, our employee’s driving records are reviewed annually by our insurance provider to ensure that they are not at-risk drivers. All drivers are legal citizens of the United States.

About Our Vehicles

In addition to our friendly drivers, you’ll enjoy the comfort and cleanliness of our vehicles. Our vehicles are easy to identify with our trademarked name and stagecoach logo prominently displayed on each. And, to further set us apart from other commercial vehicles, the name COACH & COURIER is displayed across the top of each vehicle’s windshield.

Our fleet is safety-inspected semi-annually and fully insured, as required by Maryland Public Service Commission regulations.

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