At The Airport / Rail Station

Coach & Courier will monitor your flight. Unless otherwise instructed, your driver will plan to arrive at the airport 15 minutes after the arrival of domestic flights and 30 minutes after the arrival of international flights. Look for a call or text message from him/her about that time, if not sooner. If you have not received a text or phone call from your driver prior to collecting your bags from baggage claim, please contact us via the CONTACT tab on our HOME page. Don’t worry. It’s pretty simple.

There’s no need to update us as to your flight’s status, even if it’s canceled. Again, we’re monitoring your flight. If it’s canceled, we’re not going to the airport.
Here’s when you do need to contact us:

  1. CONTACT US if you missed your flight. We’ll have no way of knowing this and will assume you’re on your scheduled flight. You don’t want to be billed for us showing up at the airport and you’re not there. That’d be adding insult to injury.
  2. CONTACT US if your flight is canceled and you need to re-schedule a ride with us. We’ll need your revised airline flight number and ETA.
  3. CONTACT US if you have not heard from your driver prior to collecting you bags from baggage claim.


COACH & COURIER drivers will wait without reply from you for up until one hour after the arrival of your flight or train. At that time, if we haven’t heard from you, we’ll have to release the driver and send him/her on their way, and you will be billed as a NO-SHOW. Please see Item 5 on our Universal Policies & Procedures page. Should you encounter any difficulties locating your driver, PLEASE do not leave the airport or train station without first contacting us at 410-451-3030. If the office is closed, use the CONTACT tab on the HOME page to reach us. We regret the necessity of having to charge customers for services requested but not rendered.

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